Standard Equipment Furnished with the Oster 784 Threading Machine

  • Die heads - Two die heads. One for sizes up to 2", and the other for sizes 2-1/2" to 4".
  • Dies - Two sets to cover standard pipe range, 1" thru 4". RIGHT Hand Only. ONE set high speed steel Symbol QUAD Dies (1" thru 2") and one set high speed steel Symbol 74 Dies (to thread all sizes 2-1/2" thru 4"). Left Hand Thread can also be produced using optional Die Head and Dies.
  • Reamer - Swing-type.
  • Cutter - Lathe style, blade type cut-off tool with double V block centering device.
  • Chamfer Tool - Mounted in cut-off block.
  • Front Chuck - Wrenchless, three-jaw, universal gripping.
  • Rear Centering Chuck - Wrenchless, three-jaw, universal centering.
  • Motor - 5hp., 1800 rpm., 3 phase, 60 Hz. 230 or 460 volts. (Motors of other specifications available.)
  • Motor Control - REVERSING magnetic starter and push button station, with safety 120V control circuit at motor controls.
  • Gage - Direct reading DRUM type, mounted on carriage hand wheel.
  • Oil Pump - "V" Belt driven, by drive motor.
  • Oil - Thread cutting, TEN gallons-Oster "BESTOIL".
  • Warranty - One year


Oster 784 Pipe and Bolt Threading Machine

Factory Floor 4 Capacity

The Oster 784 threading machine is the most versatile and rugged 4 pipe threading machine you will encounter. Designed and built as a 4" capacity threading machine, this is not an oversized version of a 2" machine. Its quality construction, versatility, and outstanding performance in the shop or on the job have long made it the standard of the industry. Used for applications where production quantities, work size, or thread quality are the primary consideration.

Advantages of the Oster 784 4 Capacity Threading Machine

Besides being rugged and versatile, the Oster 784 pipe threading machine also offers the following benefits:

  • Heavy-duty capabilities.
  • Dies cut Full Taper on 2 Pipe, wider than Ridgid Dies
  • Large Heavy Duty Dies for 2.5 4
  • Can pipe between 0.5in-4in, bolts 5/8 to 3
    • Gripping option can go down to 1/8 pipe bolt with auxiliary gripping chuck
    • Fully fabricated base, cast iron carriage, precision machined parts

    Oster 784 Threading Machine Thread Sizes

    Thread form capabilities for the Oster 784 pipe threader include:

    • NPT (National Pipe Taper)
    • NPTF (National Pipe Taper-Fuel, Dryseal)
    • NPS (National Pipe Straight)
    • NPSL (National Pipe Straight-Locknut)
    • BSPT (British Standard Pipe Taper)
    • BSPP (British Standard Pipe Parallel)
    • UNC (Unified Coarse Pitch Threads, NC- National Coarse)
    • UNF (Unified Fine Pitch Thread, NF- National Fine)
    • Metric Bolt Course
    • Metric Bolt Fine
    • ACME
    • Right and Left Hand Threads



Oster 784

The Oster 784 threading machine is the most versatile and rugged 4 pipe threading machine you will encounter.

230V/460V $

 Oster 784 Pipe and Bolt Threading Machine

Special order item
2,300.00 O-784 $26,990.90



OSTER Manufacturing Company 1997 - Present

In 1997 Superior Threading Inc. purchased the Oster Manufacturing Company from Landis Threading Systems a division of the then Allegheny /Teledyne Corporation. All fixtures, Blueprints and Patterns were moved to Owosso, Michigan. The current owner is a former Oster employee and has been affiliated with the Oster Manufacturing Company since 1983.

Starting with nothing but a small facility, existing inventory, and a few machines; the first ten years after purchase were spent laying the groundwork for where we are today. Initially only offering replacement parts and tooling for existing machines we have made continuing investment to expand our manufacturing footprint and improve the Oster product.

In 1998 we started the Oster Complete Rebuild program, taking used Oster machines and bringing them back to life to match the quality of a new machine. With this we were able to keep the old machines in service as well as produce all replacement parts and tooling.

In 2000 we moved into our current 15,000 sq ft facility which allowed us to expand our manufacturing capability. In 2006 the recovered Oster Manufacturing Company purchased our first CNC machine for manufacturing parts. Since then we have acquired over $1,000,000 of CNC equipment to usher Oster threading machines into the modern era of manufacturing.

In 2009 with many years of rebuilding machines and their replacement parts under our belt we had the expertise, confidence and equipment to begin building new machinery again. Starting with the production of the Oster 700 series and our flagship threading machine the 792ALX we built the first new Oster threading machine to be produced in over 15 years. We are currently the only American manufacturer to offer new heavy duty pipe and bolt threading machines that are designed for the factory environment to be run day in and day out without failure.

Oster parts and products are the only items we manufacture and we pride ourselves in honoring the spirit of high quality manufacturing based on pride in good work espoused by Herman W. Oster himself.

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Oster Manufacturing 4" Pipe Threader


4" Oster Pipe Threader

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