Rothenberger 63006 Supertronic 4SE Up to 4" Pipe Threader in a Portable Unit.




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Easy-to-service design:

  • Good external access to all key components: Chuck jaws, carbon brushes motor and oil pumps are quick and easy to change
  • External, central lubrication of drive shaft bearings

 Die heads

  • Automatic version ensures proper thread length and depth
  • Automatic oil feed through the head provides ideal lubrication and cooling to maximize die life

 Precision dies

  • High quality tempered steel, provides professional results

 Oiling and lubrication

  • Powerful robust oil pump with flow adjustment, triple chip filter and automatic oil feed ensures optimum lubrication and cooling
  • Generous tray to collect chips

 Safety features

  • Safety foot switch

Supertronic 4SE
Compact Threading Machine

A revolution in pipe threading, a successful concept showing the way forward in compact threaders.
Quick, problem-free production of pipe threads to the following standard

4SE NPT  1/2" - 4"

The ideal threader for portable situations, either in the workshop or on the construction site. Perfect for maintenance or repair work for the tradesman or industry and suitable for any plumbing and heating threading application.

Extremely compact, yet robust - the 4S machine weight is only 232 lbs. and can be easily moved. Can be set up anywhere, even without the leg stand i.e. on a workbench. Also suitable for threading plastic coated steel pipes.


  • 1140 W powerful 1-1/2 H.P. motor
  • External spindle lubrication
  • Automatically adjusts for torque
  • External lubrication of main bearings
Pipe Chucks
  • Smooth action impact hammer chuck for powerful grip. Prevents pipe slipping.
  • Rear centering chuck ensures correct axial alignment


  • Dual handle with rapid, smooth adjustment

Pipe cutter and reamer

  • Self centering pipe cutter
  • Swing out reamer with replaceable blades


  • 31" x 21" x 19"


Rothenberger Supertronic 4SE 63006

Rothenberger SUPERTRONIC 4SE Auto 1/2" - 4"

Threading machine with safety foot switch, 4 legs, 2 die heads & 3 sets of dies.

115 V
50/60 Hz
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Supertronic 4SE Threading Machine up to 4" Threading Capacity

 250.00  63006 $8,371.90



Rothenberger 4SE, Asada 4S, RHINO, Supermatic 2000, Beaver 50 and Beaver 100
Threading Dies, Cutting Wheels Oil.

P/N $
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 Replacement Cutting Wheel 1.00 04510 $45.90
1/2" - 3/4" Threading Dies Alloy NPT 2.00 89101 $169.90
1/2" - 3/4" Threading Dies NPT HSS Also suitable for threading Stainless Steel 2.00 89101HSS $299.90
1" - 2" Threading Dies Alloy NPT 2.00 89102 $169.90
1" - 2" Threading Dies NPT HSS Dies Also suitable for threading Stainless Steel 2.00 89102 HSS $299.90
2-1/2" - 4" NPT Alloy Dies 4.00 59912 $435.90
2-1/2" - 4" NPT HSS Dies Also suitable for threading Stainless Steel 4.00 59912HSS $696.90


Rothenberger 4SE, Asada 4S, RHINO
NPSM Threading dies and Die Heads


Description P/N Price Buy Now

 1/2" to 3/4" NPSM Die Set
 89148 $245.90
 1" to 1 1/4" NPSM Die Set
 89149 $245.90
 1-1/2" to 2" NPSM Die Set
 89150 $245.90
 Dies 2-1/2" - 3" NPSM
89151 $245.90
 Cutting Oil (1Gal)
 01922 $28.90
 Die Head 1/2" - 1-1/4" NPSM
20171 $1,029.90
 Die Head 1-1/2" - 2" NPSM
20172 $1,029.90
 Die Head 2-1/2" - 3" NPSM
20173 $1,029.90

Rothenberger ROGROOVER 6"
Roll Grooving, Portable rolling groover for standard and thin-walled steel pipe up to 6" (150mm)

Particularly suitable for installations, sprinkler systems, larger heating units and in industrial use, as well as for quick connection of pipes anywhere welding is not allowed. lightweight and compact design.

No. $
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ROGROOVER, machine only. 28.00 8870922 $1,226.90
Mounting Kit for 4SE 06.00 56512 $189.90



Rothenberger Nipple Chucks

1/2" - 2" Nipple Chucks
  • Nipple chucks convert unthreaded or short pipe lengths into useful close-threaded nipples
  • For 1/2" - 2" pipe - up to schedule 40
  • Faster and more economical to use than nipple chuck adapter systems

No. $
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Nipple Max Set, 1/2" - 2" 26.00 00089 $3,172.90 

Nipple Max Set, 2-1/2" - 4"





When you're pricing pipe threading machines, keep in mind that better design and engineering will last you much longer. A quality purchase now will pay dividends on the job site when your crew can keep working without a machine break or malfunction. The pipe threading machines built by Rothenberger and sold through
CMS Industrial Equipment Company are among the best on the market.

With over 50 years of innovative design and technology, particularly in the area of pipe tools and machines, Rothenberger is gold standard to beat. Electrical contractors, plumbers, and construction professionals all over the world benefit from their continued dedication to producing the best piping equipment in the world. At
CMS Industrial Equipment Company we've made Rothenberger one of only two top companies we present to our valued customers.

The Rothenberger Supertronic 4SE Threader is the company's latest generation, giving professionals new optimal cutting geometry and precision thread cutting to approved standards. Its compact design lets you move it quickly from job site to job site. Rothenberger offers the Supertronic 4SE for threading NPT 1/2-inch to 4 inches.

You'll see what you're paying for the moment you use a Rothenberger pipe threading machine. Their R & D department gets out into the field to see what the issues are and then meets those challenges head on.

ROTHENBERGER offers a large variety of equipment for the construction & plumbing industry. Both A.C. & D.C. motors. Pipe threaders, groovers, pipe cutters and more! CMS Industrial Equipment Company repairs / rewinds all ROTHENBERGER pipe threaders, and tools. Rebuilds include everything necessary to return your motor to peak condition, including: ARMATURE REWINDING, BEARINGS, FIELD COIL REWINDING, BRUSHES, STATOR REWINDING, CAPACITORS, SWITCHES, MACHINING. Please let us know as much information as you can regarding the motor or part needing service. Call, fax, or e-mail CMS Industrial Equipment for an estimate.

To order your Rothenberger pipe threading machine, just fax your order to
CMS Industrial Equipment Company at the number below, or order through our easy online shopping cart system.

Rothenberger 4SE, Asada 4S, Supermatic 2000, Beaver 50 and Beaver 100 Accessories


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4" Pipe Threader Supertronic 4SE


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